Multiple Owners / Alternate Payers

Multiple Owners

Dream Seeker Estates HippoRENT setup is only designed to list one owner. This owner is who we contact for late payments as well as who we consider to be the ultimate owner of the region/parcel. We do not recognize two (or more) owners for a single rental.


Alternate Payers

Since we do recognize that multiple people may need to pay into a tierbox we do have our tierboxes setup to accept any payments from alternate payers once the initial payment has been made. The alternate payer just needs to right-click on the tierbox, select pay, then choose one of the listed weekly options.

Once that payment is made they will need to wait until they receive the popup asking to credit the listed tenants lease. Be certain they click yes when asked so that their payment is properly credited to the listed tenants lease.

It's important to know that we do not allow for partial payments at the tierbox. They will be refunded with no credit added unless the payment matches one of the weekly options.

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