Tier Payments via PayPal

We do allow tier payments to be made via PayPal. Please be aware this is not intended for one-off payments. By paying via PayPal you agree to pay the agreed fee per calendar month. If at any point your subscription lapses or is canceled your in-world tierbox will be credited for the remainder of your paid time and you will be expected to continue payments via the in-world tierbox. If your subscription has lapsed and you fall into arrears you will be given a 24-hour notice to cover your arrears before a reclaim is issued.

Under no circumstances are we allowed to refund your PayPal payment via in-world Linden Dollars.


Please contact a Customer Care Agent or Sales Agent before setting up a subscription. They will be able to tell you which options to select for your specific parcel/region.


To setup a PayPal reoccurring subscription please follow this link: http://www.dreamseekerestates.com/forms/tier_form.html


Why are PayPal prices higher than in-world prices?

PayPal pricing includes the fees imposed by PayPal for processing as well as accounts for Linden Dollar exchange differences.

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