Parcels with a Purchase Cost

In most cases, our parcels are set for L$1 to purchase. However, this is not the case across all our available parcels or stand-alone regions. We have opted to make our smaller parcels purchasable with tier included ensuring that the administrative overhead is at a manageable rate to keep pricing affordable. On some regions, we have set the purchase cost to the first week to proactively reduce griefing. And on our stand-alone regions, they are set to the first week to ensure they are not frivolously purchased and pulled out of search.


Depending on parcel size, the region, or likelihood of being griefed the purchase price may be one (1), two (2), or four (4) weeks of tier. Upon purchase, this cost is applied to your tier once your purchase is finalized. If you do not have assistance from our staff with your purchase please contact us as soon as possible to make sure this credit is applied properly.


Can this purchase fee be waived?

In general, no. However, if you’re a current resident it never hurts to speak to a Sales Agent to see if that purchase cost can be waived. We review each request on a case by case basis. It never hurts to ask.

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