Late tier, extensions, and expectations

We fully understand that sometimes life throws us an unexpected expense. Just like any other real life bill your tier is indeed a bill that is due on a weekly basis. You can help avoid unexpected issues by keeping your tier pre-paid up to 12 weeks on our tierboxes. Simply right-click, select Pay, and choose the 4 weeks option. You can do this two to three times before you hit the 12 week limit. This way any unexpected expenses have a reduced impact on your parcel or region.


Late Tier

Just like any other bills they are your responsibility to keep up with. We do provide quite a bit of notice starting at 4 days and 23 hours. You will receive a message via the tierbox once each day after that. Once you reach arrears (-1 days) you will receive the message and a notecard generated by the tierbox. At 2 days in arrears you will receive a message from the tierbox, a notecard generated by the tierbox, and contact from our staff along with having your land partially reclaimed. If no contact is made and no payment is made and your tier hits 3 days in arrears we generally perform a reclaim. However, when the parcel/region hits 0 days we do have the option and right to reclaim the parcel/region at that time. Consider the 3-day leniency in arrears a courtesy, not a right.


By the time a parcel/region is reclaimed, you have generally received 8 messages from the tierbox, 2 notecards from the tierbox, and a notecard and/or message from one of our Customer Care agents. This comes to 10 to 11 attempts at contact. These are provided by Second Life communication so your ability to receive them is entirely dependent on your ability to receive normal messages. Therefore, it’s vital that you enable IM to Email via the Second Life website. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to do so it’s recommended to setup a calendar reminder (free via to manage your due dates. Alternatively, you can setup payments via PayPal which will charge you each calendar month automatically; as long as you have the funds available, of course.



If you notify us in advance we are more than happy to work with you to help make sure your parcel or region remains usable during a short lapse of payment. However, it’s important to understand extensions are not guaranteed and may be denied for any reason. We typically review previous extensions granted, frequency of extensions, payment history, and duration of tenancy. Most extensions are limited to 3 to 6 days in arrears but sometimes exceptions are made based on the previously noted criteria. If an extension is provided and we notice what appears to be a vacating of the parcel/region the extension will be voided and a reclaim immediately issued. To request an extension, please, contact us.



To avoid any disruption in use of your parcel/region it’s highly suggested that you keep your tier paid to avoid any issues. A calendar reminder, offline IMs going to email, and notice ahead of time if you expect issues are all ways to avoid complications. Unlike real life we can’t simply send you a bill when your tier is due so it’s important you remain proactive in keeping your tier paid.


Adjusting your due date

We completely understand that sometimes it’s easier to have your due date adjusted forward to be easier on your finances. In order to have this done simply contact a Customer Care agent and we’ll provide the details on what is needed in order to do so.

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