Holiday Exceptions

Every year we get requests for snow or allowances to have parcels decorated in winter/snow decor. We fully understand and support the holiday spirit so we generally will allow such decor with some caveats.



If you live in a region which changes seasons year round then your dates are:

November 15th - March 15th

If you are not sure if your region changes seasons year round, please, check your covenant.


For all other shared regions:

November 15th - January 7th


What happens if I forget to pick up my winter decorations?

We generally give people a week after the end date to make decor changes. This is because we understand that changing decor can be time-consuming. If you happen to get a notice about your winter decor and need a little more time all you have to do is request it. We're happy to work with you -- *within reason of course.

* And what we mean by within reason is a week or less extension

If, after having been contacted, the issue remains we will need to return the winter decorations to bring the parcel back in line with the covenant.


Snow Weather Systems

Part of the holiday spirit involves snow. While we don't mind if you rez a snow system for pictures it is only allowed with the following caveats:

  • Residential / Neighborhood: 16384m2 or larger to maintain a weather system provided they do not negatively impact the region
    • Temporary use on smaller parcels for use in photos, gatherings, etc is allowed, however, it may not be used as a long-term system and must be taken down/turned off when not on the parcel
  • Commercial: Weather systems are allowed provided they do not negatively impact the region
  • Farm: Weather systems are allowed provided they do not negatively impact the region

Dream Seeker Estates has the final say if a weather system, on any of our regions, will be permitted regardless of parcel size. If your system causes lag, bad viewer performance for residents, or is deemed a nuisance we have the right to ask you to disable, remove, or adjust. Under no circumstances will weather systems that utilize temporary prims be allowed.

Be courteous and turn off your systems, no matter where you live, if you are going offline. This reduces the stress on visitors, neighbors, and region performance. All weather systems, regardless of their claim, induce lag of some type.


Can I place ____ items?

You may decorate the parcel however you wish as long as it does not violate the covenant in any additional ways. For example: If you wanted to place out parcel walls/privacy screens with snow mountains but the covenant specifically forbids it, then no.

Likewise, objects like 90-meter tall ice slides would not be allowed either.


Will you change the textures on a shared region to include snow?

No. We have regions which are designed for seasonal changes. Some people do not enjoy the snow and we will not subject them to it.


I have more questions!

Please, feel free to contact us at any time using our normal methods.

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