Adding or Removing Estate Managers

Adding and Removing estate managers is simple but will require the assistance from our Customer Care staff. The reason for this is because only the listed Estate Owner (Lessor DreamSeeker) has the appropriate access to add or remove estate managers from the Region/Estate window. It's important to understand that adding estate managers should be reserved for those you fully trust and for those vital for the day-to-day running of your region.


The reason it is important is that estate managers can:

  • Abandon parcels
  • Resell parcels
  • Manage your regions’ access tab, banned residents, and allowed residents
  • Adjust your listed covenant
  • Adjust your regions’ region tab
  • Change textures, water height, upper and lower terrain limits, and elevation ranges on your terrain tab
  • Change environmental settings
  • Disable or Enable region scripts, collisions, or physics
  • And they have the option to return any or all objects in the region


If you still wish to have someone added or removed from your estate managers list you can contact us using one of the following methods:

  1. Submit a ticket on this website. Though if you are new we will require in-world verification for the first request to make sure it’s a legitimate request. 😊
  2. Visit our land store here: and speak to one of our Customer Care staff by paging them.
  3. Visit our land store here: and utilize the in-world Support kiosk. This will auto-verify your identity and we’ll process your request in the order it is received.

Not sure if a certain task requires estate manager access? Check here: Is Estate Manager Required?

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