Is Estate Manager Required?

Do you really need someone as an estate manager? It’s something you should be asking yourself before providing that level of access to your region.


Task Estate Manager Required
Changing Parcel Music No
Subdividing No*
Viewing Objects on Parcel No
Restarting the Region Yes
Region Banning Yes
Parcel access No
Building No*
Terraforming No*
Returning Objects No*

* While estate manager access is not required for these tasks they can also be done with estate manager access depending on the needs.

It's important to know for certain if you need to add someone as an estate manager or not. The reason this is important is that as an estate manager the person can easily destroy the entire region. (e.g. having all items returned from the region, terrain destroyed, and public access disabled.)


Curious to know if your specific needs require an estate manager? Contact us at any time. We'll be happy to help.

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