Resident Requested Restarts

Almost every estate in Second Life currently uses the same or similar methodology to handle restart requests. You either contact a support person or submit a request on some website and wait for them to process your request, finish with their current task, or for some people you have to wait until Linden Lab does rolling restarts on Tuesday/Wednesday.


Dream Seeker Estates raises the bar once again by allowing you, the resident, to restart your own region at your own convenience. These requests are processed within seconds of being submitted. No, you don’t need a login, you don’t need a website, and you don’t even need to speak to anyone to have this done. All you need to do is teleport, click a kiosk in Second Life, enter the region name, and hit submit. It really is that simple!


Are you ready to give this new system a try?

Visit our Land Store ( and once you arrive simply walk into the store and turn to the right to find the Restart Request terminal.


Dream Seeker Land Store - Request Restart Terminal


There are a few requirements for using this new system.

  • You must have the Dream Seeker Estates group active
  • The region must be a Dream Seeker Estate shared region
  • The region must be lightly occupied (5 or less avatars)
  • The region must not have been successfully restarted by our system less than 18 hours ago


We welcome your feedback as we improve our services for you! Simply contact an agent in-world or submit a ticket to let us know how we could improve on this new system!

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