In-Depth guide to securing your parcel

The majority of cases can be resolved by following our standard parcel setup guide located here: How to properly setup your parcel options. However, there are some situations that this does not help secure your parcel. These are open join groups (bad idea to leave build enabled for "Everyone"), groups that are set up to allow one role to build and not another, and so forth. If this applies to you then please continue reading.

Note: We always recommend using a "Land Group" to restrict build rights whenever possible. But this is not a requirement if setup properly.


Easy stuff first

If you don't need an open group that people can join the fastest and securest method is to simply disable the ability for others to join your group at will. This will require anyone who wants to build on your land to be invited to your group. This is how a typical "Land Group" is designed/setup.


Allowing roles to determine who can and cannot build

This assumes that your parcel is deeded to a group. If your parcel is not deeded to a group then this will not work. If you are not sure how to deed your land to a group please see this article: Land Deeded to Group.

  1. Disable Object Entry and Build not just for Everyone but also for Group. Instead of using parcel permissions we will be letting the group itself determine whom can build on the parcel. By default, we don't want people being able to build.

  2. With the parcel settings correctly set we need to adjust the group settings. Open the group your land is deeded to, navigate to Roles and on the Everyone role be sure that Always allow 'Create Objects' is disabled. We don't want random new people who join your group to be able to build as that would defeat the purpose of this guide. ;)

  3. Now create a role that will be allowed to build on the parcel. (e.g.: Builders, Land Owners, Renters, etc.) You can enable as many Allowed Abilities as you deem necessary but for the purpose of this guide, we'll be focused on build permissions only. On this role enable Always allow 'Create Object' and click Save.
  4. With your new role set you can navigate back to the Members tab, select those you want to allow build rights, and under the Assigned Roles section make sure to put a checkmark next to the name of the role you chose in step 3 and click Save.

Note: Due to Second Life limitations if you make changes to these roles/membership while the designated avatar is online it will require them to restart their viewer for their allowed permissions to change. This is true regardless if you are giving or revoking permission via roles.

The workaround for removing permission is to simply eject them from the group. This will revoke permissions immediately rather than requiring them to restart their viewer for changes to take effect.

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