How to properly set your parcel options

So you just purchased (or repurchased) your parcel and you want a quick and easy rundown on what items need to be adjusted to secure your parcel as well as making sure it complies with the covenant.


Securing your parcel

The first thing that is always recommended is to adjust your parcel Options to ensure that only you, and those you wish to have the ability to do so, can rez on your parcel.

This very simple change will help prevent you from being an easy target or vector for griefers. For a more in-depth guide on securing your parcel please see an In-Depth guide to securing your parcel.


Adjusting your Sound tab

The sound tab is an easy change. It prevents gestures, object sounds, and voice from leaking into neighboring parcels. Have you ever been sitting at home and suddenly you hear laughing or noise from a neighbor? This very simple change not only prevents your gestures and object sounds from being heard by neighbors but also prevents your voice chat from being heard outside of your parcel.

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