Land Deeded to Group

Deeding land to a group is a fairly straight-forward process. However, there are some things to keep in mind when making the decision to deed land to a group.


Q. Will deeding my land cause me to pay Land Use fees to Linden Lab?
A. No*. Since Dream Seeker Estates only owns Private Regions there are no extra costs to deed or own land on our regions.
* If you own mainland that is deeded to the same group you are deeding your private island parcel to this could cause issues. You should, instead, deed your private island parcel to a fresh group.

Q. Do I need to deed my land for someone else to rez prims?
A. No. You can simply "Set" the land to a common group and they will be able to rez items without issues.

Q. How do I allow others to change my media settings on my parcel?
A1. If your parcel is already deeded you need to setup a proper role in your group and invite people to that role to handle media adjustments.

A2. If your parcel is not deeded, or you would rather not setup a specific role for this purpose, then you can use scripted prims owned by the parcel owner (or deeded to the parcel group) to make changes. These usually come in the form of TV's, radios, and other scripted items.

Q. I want to change the deeded group on my parcel to a different one / I left my group that is deeded to my parcel / I no longer have access to the group deeded to my parcel
A1. Provided you still have proper access within your group you can simply sell the land to yourself in order to buy the land for a new group. Be sure that a) if you are sharing prims that all parcels within the region can support their own prims so that nothing is returned, b) you are selling the parcel to yourself and not to "anyone", c) when you buy the land that you have the proper group activated if buying for group.
A2. If you're not an estate manager for the region the only way to proceed forward at this point is to contact our Customer Care team.

Q. How much control can I provide to someone on a Deeded parcel?
A. You can give them the exact same rights as yourself. The only difference is that in our records you remain the true owner.

Q. How do I deed a parcel to a group?
A. As long as you have proper permission (preferably owner but that is not required) you simply set the parcel to the group you want to deed the parcel to and enable "Owner makes contribution with deed" and "Allow deed to group"


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