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Julia Sachin

Owing to unforeseen circumstances I had to leave my 1/2 HS Sim at Dream Seeker Estates.They had just taken over as owners of the Sim from those I originally rented off. I suffer from ASD and became totally overwhelmed by the change over and signed up so was in the position of technically not being entitled to any refund when I left. I explained my condition and what are quite extraordinary circumstances to management and how my handicap affects me and my judgment at times, and they very generously gave me a refund.

I am very aware that very few Sim owners would do this, and that despite my handicap, Dream Seeker Estate's policy is "no refunds" and would have been quite entitled to refuse my request for a refund.

So I would just like others to know that Dream Seekers really do "walk the talk", and they do stand firmly by their stated values, and when I can, I will definitely be returning to Dream Seekers Estate.

Thank you again to Renae, Zani, Kim and DSE's owner for your help and understanding.

Julia Sachin

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