Can I Reserve or Hold Land?

Reserving land or holding land, unfortunately, is not allowed. This means when you purchase the land to put it into your name the tier payment is due immediately. Some parcels are set for one (1), two (2), or four (4) weeks of tier. If you purchase a parcel of this type your tier is already paid. Wondering why some of our parcels are set for one (1), two (2), or four (4) weeks of tier? Please see the following article. Parcels with a Purchase Cost.


As far as holding land; parcels that are reclaimed are not held for anyone specific. They are set for sale to the public on a first come first serve basis. The reason we do not hold parcels is because if we held parcels for residents that parcel would not be available for sale. We do not know if you have changed your mind during the time it took for the parcel to become available and when you are available to reply. While our Sales Agents do their best to ensure you are notified when a parcel you want is available, please keep in mind, that it is only at that exact moment. Until you purchase the parcel yourself, it is up for sale to anyone.


So it is imperative that if you see a parcel you like, that you purchase it as soon as it is available, and if you’re not assisted with your purchase, that you contact us so we can complete your purchase.

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