Linden Lab Prim Increases

As many know by now Linden Lab has announced that in the next couple months that Private Estates will receive a similar prim allotment increase that have been provided to the Mainland.

The prim increase has been rolled out to all regions as of November 30th, 2016 as announced by Linden Lab. However, this is not the same increase that was given to Mainland regions.


Full Prim regions will go from 15000 prims to 20000 prims. There is also an option to increase this to 30000 prims with a one time conversion fee plus additional monthly maintenance fee.

Homestead regions will go from 3750 prims to 5000 prims.

Openspace regions will go from 750 prims to 1000 prims.


What this means for you; Once Linden Lab rolls out this change to Private Estates these increases will happen automatically. There will be nothing you need to do to receive these prim increases nor will your weekly tier increase.

However, please keep in mind that even though Linden Lab is increasing the number of prims you are allotted they are not providing additional server resources. This means it is paramount that you remain performance conscious now more than ever to avoid creating unnecessary lag or degrade performance for visitors with these extra prims. Build and design wisely. Every additional prim, script, and texture adds to the complexity of rendering and serving that content to your visitors.


For those of you on the Dream Seeker Estate Full Prim shared regions (parcels) we currently have no plans to upgrade these regions to 30000 prims until we have a chance to see what impact this has on our Stand-Alone regions.


The cost to upgrade a stand-alone Full Prim region has been detailed in the following article:


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