Full Prim Upgrades from 20,000 prims to 30,000 prims

As announced by Linden Lab's More Prims for Everyone ! announcement all regions now benefit from the 33% increase in prim allotments. In this announcement from Linden Lab it also mentioned the possibility to upgrade your Full Prim region from 20,000 prims to 30,000 prims. This will likely become available within the next few weeks. This is now possible as announced here so here's what you need to know.


  • If you are a Dream Seeker Estates tenant and paying at least L$18999 per week for your Full Prim region(s) you will receive this upgrade for free on all qualifying regions. You do not need to contact us to request the upgrade. This will happen automatically.
  • If you are paying less than L$18999/wk you do not qualify for this free upgrade.
  • You may request this upgrade at anytime. Your tier will be adjusted to reflect L$18999 per week once the conversion is complete.
  • Once a region is upgraded there will be no option to downgrade back to your original tier rate so please consider your needs for 30,000 prims carefully.


As always it's important to realize that with the increase in prims from 20,000 to 30,000 you do not receive extra resources to support the additional load from scripts, textures, and other resource impacting objects. The extra prims are intended by Linden Lab to be used to improve level of detail in mesh related items. Use the additional prims wisely to avoid creating unnecessary strain on the viewer or the region.


If you wish to upgrade your region to 30,000 prims please contact us.

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